Maskmaker with scissors and cloth

About the club

Mask Makers Club is a global directory of sewists and small businesses that sell non-medical reusable face masks.

By connecting buyers to independent makers, we can all do our part in supporting local businesses, conserving medical-grade equipment for medical workers, and helping slow the spread of COVID-19.


Are these masks medical-grade?

The masks listed on our website are not medical-grade masks or N-95 respirators. We believe that medical-grade supplies should be for medical workers who are at a higher risk in their work responding to COVID-19.

Organizations such as Masks for Docs and We Need Masks are focused on connecting sewists with the healthcare community in order to get them the medical-grade supplies that they need.

Are homemade masks effective in slowing the spread of the COVID-19?

Homemade masks do not guarantee protection against COVID-19, however, wearing a mask is more effective than not wearing a mask at all. The CDC recommends wearing a cloth mask in public or when social distancing may be difficult to maintain.

Why wear a mask?

There are 3 simple reasons to wear a mask:

  1. Protect others by not spreading COVID-19 if you have it
  2. Protect yourself by reducing your chances of catching COVID-19 when you go outside
  3. Reduce face touching by wearing something that covers your face

Learn more at masks4all.

How do I join the Mask Makers Club?

To join the club as a mask maker, or to add someone you know, complete this simple form. Mask makers are added every couple hours.

If you've been featured in our directory and would like to be removed, please contact us.

Contact us

You can contact us through Instagram, Twitter, or good ol' email:

About the project

Mask Makers Club is a project started by Ellen and friends. Design by Andrey, Jessica, Kristine, and Joelle. Content editing by Kailey. Development by Hassan, Luke, Ben, and Kasra.

Our website is built on Women Who Design by Jules. Our source code is on GitHub.


Makers in the Mask Makers Club are not licensed medical professionals or healthcare providers. If you have questions about COVID-19 and how to protect yourself, please visit WHO.

Masks listed on Mask Makers Club are available for purchase through the makers. If you have any questions about a mask, including questions about shipping, pricing, or availability, please contact the maker directly.